Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Walt Disney had plans to bring Disneylandia by railcar through America, it cost too much, so he made DisneyLand instead

This is just one reason Disneyland has trains,

"... several specific elements of the event that stayed in Walt's mind. A section of the fair was devoted to "Horse Drawn and Man Drawn Equipment (all originals) 1890-1910 Period," which, for instance, included vehicles such as a horse-drawn fire engine, a steam calliope, and a popcorn wagon -- all future elements of Disneyland.

In Gold Gulch, "Frontier Town of Gold Rush Days," old-timers and gunslingers trod wooden sidewalks past authentic shops and exhibits of the old frontier. There was an "Old New Orleans" exhibit with a French Quarter street and flagstone courtyard, a free nightly fireworks display following the last daily performance of the "Wheels-a-Rolling" rail pageant spectacular, an "Old Faithful Geyser" spouting on schedule, and even an authentic Indian village -- all like those at early Disneyland.

 As part of their trip, Walt and Ward also visited Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan, where dozens of historical buildings had been moved to the property from their original sites and arranged in a "village" setting -- another potent influence on the concept of Disneyland."

"...the foregoing creative stimulants resulted in perhaps the most peculiar and least-known concept for a Disney public space: "Disneylandia," a national traveling show contained in railroad cars, with each car carrying animated miniature scenes and tableaux. Among these scenes, in addition to Granny's Cabin, were (most famously) a dancing vaudeville performer and a barbershop quartet.

The cost and logistics of "Disneylandia" proved prohibitive, and all of the foregoing ideas began to coalesce into a larger amusement park plan.

Walt finally ordered two studies from the Stanford Research Institute, one to determine whether the enterprise made business sense, another to determine the most feasible location. SRI recommended 150 acres of grove land in Anaheim, California, and an investment of eleven million."|ins|WWoW|DisneyInsider|MoreInsider|Pos2|081412|72x60|Walt|bestGuestE|  for the full story


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