Monday, July 30, 2012

Street racing near Seattle, now on a National Geographic Channel tv show "Street Heat: High Speed Justice"

from the press release: This one-hour special takes viewers to the streets of Kent, Washington, where nighttime street racing is a way of life-and a zero-tolerance crime.
 Every summer weekend, hundreds of street racers unleash their souped-up rides on Kent's notorious street racing scene, turning the city into a high-octane playground where one false move could result in tragedy. 
And every weekend, an elite task force of law enforcement has just one mission-to stop the racers in their tracks. Using their own high-performance vehicles to even the playing field, it's a battle for the streets as officer’s chases racers down side roads, main thoroughfares, and through warehouse lots trying to keep one step ahead. But with speeds topping 120 miles an hour, the stakes are high-and this cat-and-mouse game can turn deadly.

Street Heat: High Speed Justice
Premieres Fri, 31 Aug at 11:00pm  on National Geographic Channel


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