Friday, July 6, 2012

I found a new website that celebrates cool photography, airplanes, celebs, motorbikes, race cars, etc.. very cool stuff, not much info, but cool photos

 The coolest, the Fonz. On a Triumph
 A Corsair getting used during down time as a hammock
 Steampunk looking monorail

 Don Yenko in 1960 or 61
 BMW bike, great photo
 What board tracks were... huge gaps between the boards! Looks just like the 1922 Indy racing Frontenac
I posted last November... wire wheels, not that common

 Drifting around a corner in a Delage
 1910 Brighton Beach
 1903 Renault
 Generva Mudge, the first woman to have a drivers license, and was a race car driver
 Mooneyes on the helmet and headlight area, and a straight six
 the Abernathy kids, age 13 and 9, drove across country on their Indian in 1913
... notice the banner hanging from the handlebar, it says US Tires
there is a lot about their story, so late in life the youngest kid's wife and daughter put together a book. The boys were raised by their dad, and somehow got hooked on being exploited for cash prizes, ala the cross country ride, drive, or whatever - craze that newspapers were using to sell papers... beginning at age 5 and 9.

Sliding around a corner one handed, and shifting with the other
 A Flying Merkel
 Amelia Earhart
 1906 steam shovel and locomotive, near Boston
 Burt, 1970. A better resolution image than the one like it I've posted before
 Australian that is holding his dog, sitting on what's left of his Harly with a can of VB on the tank. It burnt in the horrible wild fires that struck down so much of Australia in 2009
 Le Mans 1959, the year Carroll Shelby won
 Coolest series of amphib planes ever
The Vincent year by year visual identification guide... now why doens't Harley make one? Anyone have a link to one?

So what is the name about? A silodrome is the "Wall of Death" like the one that Fearless Elbert and his Racing Lion rode on... and that was one of his first posts... he has a lot of cool stuff I've posted years ago, like Elbert and the lion, Burt Munro, the Fonz, old race cars, old motorcycles, and so on... so much cool stuff, that the above is just a glimpse at the ones I liked the most when browsing through enjoy!


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