Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How does your speed affect your MPG? Quick easy test described here

Find a flat straight long stretch of highway, because you don't want any deviation in your cars speed.

Drive in one direction at 55 mph, then return to your start location by the other side of the highway at 65

repeat at 75 going and 85 coming back (as long as you are aware that both of these are going to attract a speeding ticket that is ridiculously expensive) if that is the normal traffic speed there (like it is here in San Diego to Los Angeles and to Las Vegas)

While doing this, wait until you get to the speed, then turn on cruise control, and zero the MPG counter

Write down what the result is after 5 or 10 miles, and after doing this at each speed you are likely to be driving at for long periods of time, you;ll know whether or not you can save a time or money by driving faster or slower based on the difference in MPG

For example, if driving at 55 gets you 35 mpg, and driving at 65 gets you 35 mpg.. you might as well drive faster and save time.

If driving at 70 or 75 gets you 38 mpg and driving at 65 gets you 40 mpg... you might consider that the difference of how much you'll pay in gas at 75 isn't very much more than you'll pay at 65, and for hundreds of miles, you'll cut an hour or two off your trip. It's going to take some math to figure out specifics... but I figure this is a good way to see what is best for your time is money, but gas is expensive long trip drives.


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