Monday, July 23, 2012

Disney's California Adventure park has a belly tanker! Dry lakes bellytanker!

 Blows my mind. I never heard of, or would have thought that a legit looking bellytanker would be in the Disney theme park. It fits... seriously, the California adventure of reality is that a LOT of hot rodding took place in California, and this is a great tribute! It even has a BGL class decal!
 surrounding it are red rolling tool boxes filled with merchandise to sell... but that is a lot of great tool boxes!

on the left hand side of the above photo.. the merchandise rotating rack is mounted to the top of a SBC! (Small block chevy for less gearhead readers)
 All of the above are in the above building, the Fly N Buy

 the nearby wall even has a hoist pneumatic operating valve. That might not work, but it's legit, a real piece of a hoist control system!

 Seasoned oil pans, tools, all sorts of great car guy stuff everywhere in this building. Even NOS parts in boxes!
 this tool display evne has a Bluepoint soft face hammer (lower right) and some of the wrenches were Proto.

Hood ornaments and a tool room like feel... wow. I love this place!


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