Saturday, July 7, 2012

Barn finds, a year in review of what's been pulled out, put up for sale, or auctioned off

 That is a barn, sometimes they are easy to distinguish, and sometimes, they look like a lot of wood in a vague pile that might have space under it
 Inside you mghight find a pile of stuff... like the above 1961 Renault Carvelle, or even better the below 1956 Jaguar xk 140.

 Or sometimes you might just see that pile has a tail light under it. Right in the above photo to the bottom left
 or the above pile with a hood and a bit of windshield
 turns out to be a 1969 GTO
 Look in the back, a lot of people are not happy about every poor out of money dreamer asking if they want that car hauled away, and so they pushed it around to the back of the garage
 or threw a tarp over it. Above, a 68 Mustang, below, a Boss 302 Mustang
So.. that is about all you need to know about barnfinds, now, here are the ones that were up for sale last year

1927 Erskine (offshoot of Studebaker) model 50 sedan
32 Ford
1932 Packard
1937 Lagonda
1939 Hupmobile Senior
1947 Allard K1
1947 Pontiac woody (these woodys are worth upward of 50 thou in this condition)
A Tucker
1949 Delahaye 135
1953 Corvette (only 251 were made, they sucked, but they are worth a lot to a collector)
1954 Glasspar G2
 1957 Mercedes Gullwing 300SL
 1957 Morgan Plus 4
 cool 1959 Taylor electric cart
 1959 Morris Mini
 B/FX dragster that raced in 1966... damn, want that engine
 1968 Charger
 Even a High Country Special Mustang

now here are the Corvettes

 63 split window
 64 Stingray

and this was found after 20 years of sitting in a shipping container in Waipahu Hawaii

So keep your eyes on for the ones that come out of hiding in the future... you never can tell what rare or previously unheard of custom will be found


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